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It’s Not Fair That We Don’t Get Paid For Listening Time

  • 1 min read

Why is Medium withholding our hard-earned money?

I love Medium’s new audio feature.

There’s a little play button on top of your stories.

Almost everyone can listen to your stories.

In the last quarter of 2021, Medium announced that the platform will grow beyond words.

I was super excited.

I thought everyone could create his or her own audio files and podcast series.

Unfortunately, that’s not (yet) the case.

At least they implemented the audio tool Speechify.

The male or female AI voice reads your text out loud.

In February, writers received a one-time payment for listening time.

Since then there haven’t been any further payments although people are listening to our stories.

That’s not fair.

We’re getting paid for reading time.

So we should get paid for listening time. Now.

🤑 Every penny counts, am I right?

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