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It’s Official! Kristina God Will Host Her Next Kickstarter BootCamp

  • 2 min read

learn when and what’s in it for you

Within the last past weeks, a lot of (new) writers reached out via email asking me:

Could you please let me know if you go forward with your Bootcamp?

I didn’t manage to set up the landing page YET but here‘s some information:

When? February 2022

How long? 4 weeks (1st — 28th February)

How? On-demand videos, exclusive Slack group, 1:1 coaching sessions

Available Slots? 10–15 participants

What’s in it for you?

  • you build a daily writing habit
  • you learn how to promote your articles
  • you become a Top Writer
  • you gain traction on Medium
  • you see your numbers tick and earn a decent amount of money

If you say YES! I want this!’ leave a comment!

I’m excited to help my next cohort this year.


Let’s grow together, guys!


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