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It’s Shocking But Medium Is Losing A Lot Of New Writers

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because of one tragic reason

The other day, I lost one of my students and Medium lost one new writer.

Here’s my email log:

I am starting to have serious reservations (…) from a technology perspective.

Support avoids answering me.

This will not work.

I tried to help this new writer with his tech issues but couldn’t. I’m not Medium, I said.

When I woke up the other day, I had another mail in my inbox:

I cancelled Medium subscription.

I want out, sorry.

The latter meant, he also canceled my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp in February.

(So) you are the victim of Medium.

They do not respond to technical issues.

I am tired of waiting.

That’s tragic.

If you feel the same, don’t throw in the towel.

Hang in there. Our friends at Medium will get back to us (someday).

To speed things up:

  • Send a follow-up email to

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