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It’s Smart to Invest in Substack in 2023

  • 2 min read

Now you can own a piece of the highly hyped platform.

Recently I shared that Elon Musk is interested in buying Substack.

He tweeted that he could imagine buying Substack in the future.

He said he’s “open to the idea” of buying the newsletter platform.

He agreed with a user saying that Substack would give him “control” over the “narrative layer” of the web:

Twitter tried to acquire Substack at some point in 2020 but was rebuffed.

Back then, Substack’s co-founder Hamish McKenzie tweeted:

“this is not going to happen.”

What is going to happen is that you writers can invest in Substack

If you believe in the newsletter platform Substack and want to invest in it, you can buy a piece of the platform.


Marx D. from “The Side Hustle Club” on Medium for instance owns a piece of the highly hyped platform.

Hurry up. It’s almost sold out!

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