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It’s Smart To Use GIFs And Emojis Because…

  • 2 min read

they can increase your earnings

When you have a conversational writing style, as my fellow friend Yana Bostongirl, you just need to use GIFs and emojis.

As far as I’m concerned, I love to use them.


  • set the right mood😂🥰😳😤
  • tell your story visually
  • always make me smile
  • tend to increase the ‘average reading time’ of my posts.

The ‘average reading time’ is Medium’s key metric in regard to earnings.

Average reading time = the average amount of time all readers (who have looked at your post) spent actively reading your story

I had a closer look at my Stats Page and realized that posts with emojis and/or GIFs tend to perform much better!

And now for the required cat GIF😂:

credit: GIPHY
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It’s tricky to embed a GIF into your story. Here’s my guide:

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