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It’s The End For Top Writers and The Beginning for Niche Writers on Medium

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Become a recommended writer in a niche topic of your interest

I’ve got good news and bad news.

Bad news first: Medium ditched its Top Writer badges.

This means you can’t become a Top Writer on Medium anymore by winning a badge that looked like this:

photo credit: Kristina God, some Top Writer badges I won

But I’ve also got some enticing news for those who occasionally feel lost in the vast sea of content on Medium and also don’t feel seen themselves.

Medium has just rolled out its spanking new topic directory.

So in the following lines, I’ll guide you through its novel features and help you maximize your experience and also become a recommended niche writer:

Navigating the Novel Topic Directory

Medium’s latest gem lets you traverse over 500 (!) curated topics all neatly organized in one accessible page.


Peek at Medium’s refreshing new *Explore Topics* layout:

photo credit: screenshot of Explore Topics

From Meta Tags to Macro Tags

From meta hashtags like #Writing and #SelfImprovement to the nitty-gritty niches of #DeepLearning, #TranscendentalMeditation, and #ElderCare — there’s something for everyone.

It truly is a smorgasbord of Medium’s diverse offerings.

For instance, here’s a glimpse of #Transcendental Meditation:

photo credit: screenshot of Explore Topics

Each topic offers a blend of recommended and latest articles.

Moreover, Medium spotlights some lists and also shows picks from Medium’s staff:

photo credit: screenshot prime category Self Improvement

Plus, it introduces you to the recommended writers in that arena and associated subjects…

photo credit: screenshot prime category Self Improvement

… if it’s a meta tag (here’s a list of the meta tags, previously called Top Writer tags).

The New *Who To Follow* Section Is a Work In Progress and Not Perfect

Besides this Top 5 writers, the Top 50 list doesn’t exist anymore…oh wait…now you can click on “See more suggestions” and you’ll get this:

Why not follow Gary V who hasn’t written a piece since 2016 and never recommends Medium as a social media platform in his videos?

Definitely room for improvement here!

Being Recognized in Your Sphere

Gone are the days when only the *Top Writers* in Medium’s prime categories got the limelight.

You and your story — especially if Boosted — could become a recommended story!

So make sure to tag your niche topic! There are more than 500 categories now. In the past, there used to be around 70 meta tags and people complained they were too broad.

Now you can dive into the 500 categories and pick 1–5 niche topics and macro tags that fit.

Anticipating Medium’s Moves

A hint of this change was dropped months ago in Buster Benson’s piece titled “A Big Linky Map of Medium.”

In this post, he shared a new map and asked his followers to add topics:

photo credit: Buster Benson Medium

and I shared my opinion already in my publication for smart writers called “Online Writing and Blogging”.

Join Medium in Shaping the Future

The beauty of this directory?

It’s evolutionary!

If you find an omission, reach out to Breana Jones and the crew.

From my experience, Medium is always receptive to enhancing its offerings.

Want to Dive into the Treasure Chest?

To plunge into the universe of topics, access the directory here.

If you’re piqued by a missing topic, flag it to Medium!

The Crux of the Matter

Medium’s topic directory is a significant stride in enhancing content discoverability and making niche writers more visible.

Sure, there’s room for refinement.

But as it stands, it’s a fantastic portal for both readers and writers, especially those new to the platform.

So, whether you’re hunting for tales on #Dating or seeking insights into #MentalWellness, there’s a world waiting for you on Medium.

How do you feel about this directory? Found any personal favorite topics you want to write about?

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