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It’s The Era Of Self-Published Writers

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The Medium Writers Challenge proves it

Good news for self-published writers!

The Grand Prize and #Death prompt won Randi Ragan — a new writer who self-published her personal essay.

Randi became a member in September. Prior to winning, she had only 7 (!) followers.

Her winning essay received no more than a couple of hundreds of claps and 3 comments prior to winning.

For me, seeing Randi winning the competition, is another proof that Medium is becoming more and more a place where the self-published author can flourish without publications.

A few weeks ago Medium announced they want to support individual writers more instead of publications.

P.S. I Love You, The Post Grad Survival Guide, The Ascent closed recently due to Medium’s statement about the future of this platform.

Learn more in my trending article with 5K views and 60+ claps:


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