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It’s Time To Shift To Workschool Hours

  • 2 min read

Gosh! I hope the #workschoolhours-concept will be the future of employment.

In the corporate world, schedule flexibility of all sorts gets more traction.

I already LOVED that in many companies, there’s a push for a 4-day workweek.

Yesterday, I read an article about the term workschool hours which I LOVED even better!

Dr. Ellen Joan Nelson interviewed 500+ parents.

She found out that the key challenge is the

fundamental misalignment between work and school hours.’

In my view, neither the education system is designed for two working parents, nor the corporate world.

Did you know the default 40-hours work schedule was introduced 100 years ago?

Back then, primarily men were part of the workforce. Women were at home caring for the kids.

I’m sure, today, many people prefer a schedule that is aligned with the school schedule without reducing salaries.

It should be about the output, not about how many hours a person sits at a desk.

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