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It’s Wise To Be Cynical About Comments From ‘Show-Off-Parents’

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…if they tell you how brilliantly things are going

With a baby, nothing is set in stone. Every day is different. You shouldn’t judge the moment. Although, especially as a new parent, you are searching for advice from others.

I’ve learned that it’s important to select whether the tips from other more experienced parents are lifting you up or not. Because there are also ‘show-off parents’ whose purpose in life is to bring you down.

Here are a few brags ‘show-off-parents’ may say to you:

  • Fortunately, he slept through the night very early.
  • He can already play on his own very well.
  • Our relationship has become even stronger. We don’t yell at each other and are never moody.

Be suspicious about these comments. They may just be small, temporary victories.

Check out my funny story😂😋:

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