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I’ve Analyzed Over 500 Of My Articles And Here’s The Best Time To Publish On Medium

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Let me save you a lot of time and energy.

I often get asked:

When is the best time to write and publish on Medium?


Usually, this would be my answer:

  • Monday to Wednesday works very well.
  • Monday morning tends to perform best you’ll have the whole week to build up momentum.
  • I would avoid any day past Thursday, particularly weekends.
  • Not many people are on Medium at the weekend.

However, it isn’t that simple.

Learnings from 576 published stories on Medium.

Within 14 months, I wrote 576 stories… here’s the proof:

The proof.

The results:

  • I have articles no one read on Mondays.
  • I have articles that gained traction on Thursdays.
  • I have articles that went viral on weekends.

Final Takeaways & The Key To Success

Releasing content on Mondays, for instance, won’t guarantee success.

This is the internet, writers.

It’s open 24/7. It’s never closed.

We shouldn’t limit our publishing to specific dates.

We should embrace the potential of every day of the week.

What guarantees success on Medium is providing value and writing consistently.

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