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I’ve Finally Found The Perfect Place For My Personal Newsletter

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And the winner is…

In January 2022, I’ve announced that I’ll leave Medium and start my own newsletter.

As a professional marketer and brand manager, I don’t like the features Medium is offering us right now.

Why does Medium’s newsletter tool suck?

Medium’s newsletter feature has several annoying flaws:

  • You bombard people with every story you publish.
  • There’s no Daily or Weekly Digest available.
  • If you import subscribers that aren’t Medium members and send them your stories, they can’t continue reading your stories after 3 free stories.

Who’s the winner?

Drum roll, please. 🥁

It’s MailChimp!

  • It’s easy and free to use for up to 1,000 email subscribers.
  • I love the clean design which reminds me a bit of Medium.
  • Moreover, the analytics are very detailed.


YES! I already sent out my first newsletter.

Learn more about ConvertKit & Co. and become my subscriber!

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