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I‘ve Made an Experiment in Regard to Quantity Writing— Here Is What Happened

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I’m not alone. Top Writers are doing it all the time.

In autumn, I experienced a drop in my views which were averaging at around 50K.

Although views can be a vanity metric, they are still a vital measure of your success on this platform.

Views = Number of visitors who clicked on your story.

If people can’t help but click your headline it’s great, isn’t it?

I’ve analyzed the drop in my views and came to a conclusion.

Medium rewards quantity

My personal belief is that Medium’s algorithm rewards quantity.

It’s all about visibility.

This sometimes even tends to trump quality content.

In October, I pumped out around 45 articles.

This tactic helped me to:

  • capture more eyeballs
  • increase my revenue
  • become Top Writer in several categories.

Let’s check the profile of some of Medium’s absolute Top Writers:

Here is Tim Denning posting at least one story (often even three stories) per day.

Sean Kernan, also known as the Son of Quora posts 1–2 stories per day

Quantity is the way to go — even if you’re at the top!

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