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I’ve Started Publishing With A Big Publication — Here Is What Happened

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If you get this email you’ll get boosted!

Today, I received an email from the Medium Writer Program informing me that my story about Elon Musk shutting down Twitter’s newsletter service Revue has been boosted on Medium:


This wasn’t the first time.

In November, I started the experiment and did EXACTLY what Tony Stubblebine wants us to do:

  • show our real-life expertise
  • become subject matter experts

Since I’m a professional marketer, I started publishing with one of Medium’s biggest publications (owned by Tony) Better Marketing.

My results:

  • 3 of my 5 stories have been recommended/boosted on the network — across the homepage, emails, and apps.
  • One story gets a lot of external views which shows the power of Better Marketing in regard to search engine ranking ==> In 2023, I will get paid for my external views.
  • My subscribers and followers increased rapidly.

On my new YouTube channel I summarized the superpower of big publications on Medium:

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