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Jane Fonda Shared That Her Face Is Fake and She Doesn’t Want To Dance

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Tough and smart! In a press conference at the Opera Ball in Vienna, she said she needed the money to pay her bills and support her grandchildren

For the first time in two years, the Opera Ball in Vienna took place, and it was all about dancing.

This time, 90-year-old Richard Lugner, invited Hollywood star, Jane Fonda.

In a press conference, she showed that she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t — for instance, dancing at the Opera Ball.

When she stepped in front of the cameras, she…

  • was outraged that an oil company was sponsoring the gala
  • said she needed the money to pay bills and support her grandchildren
  • shared that she was tired
  • shared that her face is fake and thanked her makeup artist for looking awesome
  • she made fun of Austrian building tycoon Lugner who — like her father — had already been married several times

What I love is that Fonda is tough, smart, and looks awesome.

Certainly, she added glamor to the Opera Ball, even if she didn’t dance.

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