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Jane Fonda Shared That She Needed Money and Regretted The Type Of Mom She Used To Be

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She says what she has to and takes action too.

Lately, Jane Fonda attended the Opera Ball in Vienna without dancing and telling the press that she only needed the money to pay bills and support her grandchildren.

She says what she has to and takes action too.

That’s why so many people are “fonda” of her.

Many wondered why she needed money for her grandchildren.

A few days ago, the Oscar-winning actress opened up about the reasons.

She revealed that besides being an actress, activist, and workout guru she also is the mother of three grown-up children and many grandchildren.

But she regretted not being a better parent and being the type of mom she was.

“I’m trying to show up now”, is her explanation.

Fonda has the end in mind:

“What I’m really scared of is getting to the end of life with a lot of regrets when there’s no time to do anything about it”

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