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Join Kristina God’s Community Experience for Writers

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Step up your online writing game and never feel alone again

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’ve announced starting a community to help other writers.

When I recently told a fellow writer about building my own Medium Community he exclaimed:

You have to do this! It would be so great to ask you questions and connect with others!

Well, in fact, there are several Medium communities on Facebook or Discord, of course, mine will be different and a very special experience.

  • I want you to see an epic transformation on your Medium journey.
  • I want you to feel read, seen and heard.

Bonus: This community won’t be all about Medium.

I know that a lot of you are annoyed and disappointed with Medium’s latest changes.

Others are confused.

Good news: we’ll also cover becoming a better writer, creating your own eBooks, online courses, your own website, sell your services, getting paid good money…

That’s what you can expect

1 — I’ll have great interview guests who will share an inside scoop and we’ll discuss what’s going on.

Social proof: Recently, I interviewed Ariel from Medium and Tom from the Boost-eligible publication The Generator.

2 — I’ll share great tutorials on using stock photos, creating your own unique AI-generated images, using Canva, using ChatGPT as an assistant, and online course platforms such as Udemy or Thinkific.

Social proof: I already shared several tutorials on YouTube and more will follow.

3 — I studied journalism and later did my master's in marketing and online marketing. I started my career as a PR professional, social media manager. Then I became a marketing and brand manager. So, I’ll write about how to become a better writer and how to market your stories!

Social proof: I shared how I use my content triangle of Medium, Substack, and YouTube and how I batch-create my content.

Who should join my community experience?

My community goes from 14 yo to 84 yo.

I see many part-time writers on my list who want to earn some money on the side.

I talk with single moms who want to create their own online business.

I exchange emails with more senior people who want to have fun writing and learn something new.

I get responses from all kinds of creators, especially writers.

So who should join?

Anyone who is looking for an accountability buddy, a deeper connection, some love and inspiration.

But don’t take it from me…

“I can tell you that Kristina really walks her talk. She overdelivers on value and is deeply supportive of everyone’s success.”

Megan Llorente, Coach, Mom, and owner of the Boost-eligible Medium publication Modern Women and Midform

Let me give you an example

This is my latest newsletter post. As you can see it got 43 hearts and 59 comments (still trying to reply to all of them and jump into the discussions, lol).

Here’s an example of our latest discussion round in the Chat.

Yes, you can chat with me and the other community members. That’s really awesome!

For instance, Kristi Keller Yana Bostongirl, or Michelle Teheux Patricia Ross Jan M Flynn are part of my community.

I love to interact with them on… Substack!

❤️So, yeah, Substack is offering this community experience I’m inviting you to join TODAY❤️

Oh… one more thing. You can also start writing on Substack and create your own publication if you like!

So what are you waiting for? Join my community experience on Substack! It’s open for access. Simply join my newsletter family and you’re all set!

Psst! One more thing! If you think this community experience is also something for a Medium friend of yours, why not share my Substack publication, refer a friend, and get a shoutout? Simply go here, create your own referral link, and get REWARDED :D

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