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Join Medium’s New Top Travel Publication

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and earn decent money

In September 2021, Medium’s leading travel publication ‘World Traveler’s Blog’ said goodbye to its audience and closed its doors.

But things are changing again. For the good.

A few weeks back, I asked my friend Anne Bonfert which travel publication she could recommend.

Anne is an expert.

She is Top Writer in #Travel.

She has gained 80K+ followers on Medium with her colorful travel stories and is a former co-editor of Medium’s leading travel publication ‘World Traveler’s Blog’.

Her tip:

Globetrotters by Warren Patterson


Yes, this tiny publication with (…) 200 Followers brought me in countless reads and comments. Three of my top five earners in January (…) said Anne.

What I like about Globetrotters is that every month it brings out one new Writing Challenge.

Warren’s writing prompts motivate travel writers to share their photographs and stories.

It’s time to share your travel tips, stories and experiences.

I think travel interest is just on pause right now, and it will pick back up soon.

While the world is slowly re-opening (…), I think it is time for all travel writers out there to start sharing again those unique stories from far-away places. Anne Bonfert

Moreover, Adrienne Beaumont, writer for Globetrotters, stated:

(…) my travel stories are doing better than anything else I write.

How to become a writer?

Comment under this article from Warren.

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