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Join This New Mental Health Publication And Help Others

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The perfect place and community for your vulnerable stories.

A few weeks back I had a panic attack and I thought I must be dying.

I’m still alive but even now, as I’m writing this, my body is having a physical response.

It was awful.

Thank God (or Medium’s algorithm) Julia’s story popped up in my feed.

So the other day I was amazed when I saw that she has opened her own publication!

Julia is a new writer, clinical psychologist, and aspiring doctor.

She’s an expert.

Together with my student Kylie van Gelder — who owns an MSc in Psychology and is a certified Life Coach — she runs the new publication:

This Is My Psyche

Julia says:

(It) is a place where people are able to share their personal experiences, wins, and advice on mental illness.

So if you’re a writer…

  • who struggles/has struggled with mental health
  • wants to share how you deal with this in your own unique way…

this new publication is the perfect place for you.

Join the supportive community now!

Mental health-related stories you need to read

⚡Journaling and anxiety

Recently, my student and dad James J. Griffin shared 3 Easy Methods Parents Can Use to Write Daily:

In his story he shares:

Journaling was, and is, one of the more powerful weapons in the anxiety arsenal…

Eventually, I accepted my fate and chalked it up to part of parenthood. It wasn’t until the panic attacks returned that I connected that journaling wasn’t just a nice practice. It was necessary.

⚡Mom-cation with no hard feelings

My student and Gen X mom Angie Stonecrop needed to leave her family for a solo vacation to write.

I just created my own writing retreat. And, I have zero guilt.

In her inspiring story about mom-cation I’m Leaving My Family So I Can Write she shares:

Let’s normalize mom-cations. Moms need a break every now and then. Not just wine night with the neighbor ladies, but an actual chance to break away from everything and recharge.

⚡ Crying is healthy

My friend and student Drashti Shroff even got curated by Medium’s editors for this (Does Crying A Lot Make You Narcissistic?) vulnerable and emotional story in which she shares:

Crying is healthy. It is a great way to release the emotions out of your body.

If you can’t stand another woman crying on matters or events, which are “insignificant” to you, then it is your concern.

The bottom line

Make your mess your message and share your stories in the new publication This Is My Psyche.


  • Been through a tough time
  • Have struggled with mental health issues
  • Have overcome (some of) this / cope with this in a healthy way and…
  • Have valuable personal experience, insights, and advice to offer other people

Don’t be ashamed of your story. I’m sure it will inspire others and help them realize they are not alone in this.

💡 PS: Make sure to tag your stories with #Mentalhealth and/or #Thishappenedtome to become a Top Writer in this category.

© Kristina God

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