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Join This New Publication To Trumpet Your Badass Moments

  • 2 min read

Ready to share how awesome you are with the world?

Let me guess, what you think:

I’m not a badass. I'm not that cool!

No worries. That’s called imposter syndrome.

I suffer from the same nasty disease.

It's a normal thing that our brain does.

We don't feel so cool because we're too close to our own story.

Additionally, we’re just too judgemental about ourselves.

But I’m 100% sure that you have not only one but several badass moments in your life where you were incredible!

Janet Meisel once also thought she wouldn’t belong to the cool kids. 😜

During our personal coaching session she realized:

(You deserve to) get the praise and appreciation you deserve.

So she opened her own publication to share all the small and big badass moments on Medium.

Tell us about your greatest achievements and proudest moments. Strut your success like a badass — you deserve it, says Janet Meisel

Get ready to trumpet your own achievements and join Jan’s new publication The Trumpet.

PS: I owe Jan a badass story too! 😜 Stay tuned! 😜

It’s gonna be a legendary one.


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