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“Keep Up The Good Work!” — Medium Comments Bingo Really Is A Thing

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Bingo! 46 generic comments that are so good you should ignore them

The “(engagement) rate limitation” is on everyone’s lips right now.

In essence, it means that because the readers of your stories also read A LOT of other stories on Medium, their engagement with yours is worth less to the algorithm.

As a result, you also earn less money.

Many new writers who are also readers are afraid to engage with content as they used to.

They are confused and afraid to leave a comment, clap, or respond because they don’t know how “Medium’s Engagement Police” (I made this up) will react to their behavior.

So they don’t engage with content anymore the way they used to — which is sad to see!

So Olga Sentrec left a comment…

screenshot: This is the only way to make money in October 2023 and forever

… that made me dig out a draft (one of 500+, lol) that was already full of cobwebs in the back corner of my digital library on Medium called “Medium Comments Bingo”…

What is it?

‘Medium Comments Bingo’ is a term I’ve coined to describe…

‘a playful term that refers to the repetition of common or generic phrases, comments, or types of feedback that often appear on Medium stories. Just like in a game of bingo where players mark off numbers on their cards as they are called out, “Medium Comments Bingo” would involve marking off these cliché or stereotypical comments as they appear. The concept often pokes fun at the lack of originality or depth in online comments.’


For instance, under a motivational post, you might expect to see comments like “So inspiring!”, “This!”, or “Love this message!”.

I made all this up but I bet you’ll agree with me that often online interactions are absurd and predictable.

Here’s a list of 46 generic Medium comments:

  1. Amazing insights, thank you!
  2. You nailed it!
  3. You rock!
  4. Nice article!
  5. Good article!
  6. Keep up the good work!
  7. This was eye-opening.
  8. Stellar writing, keep it up!
  9. You’ve got a new fan in me.
  10. Loved your perspective on this.
  11. This is gold, thank you!
  12. What a fantastic read!
  13. I learned so much from this, thanks!
  14. Wow, this was powerful.
  15. Spot-on!
  16. I couldn’t agree more.
  17. This!
  18. This is quality content.
  19. Such a refreshing take on the subject.
  20. You’ve outdone yourself, bravo!
  21. Keep these gems coming!
  22. Bookmarked for future reference.
  23. This was the read of the day!
  24. Can’t wait to read your next piece.
  25. So inspiring!
  26. This should be viral!
  27. Thought-provoking, to say the least.
  28. Kudos for tackling this issue.
  29. Mind officially blown.
  30. A must-read, for sure.
  31. Exceptional storytelling!
  32. This is why I follow you.
  33. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
  34. Your article was a ray of light!
  35. Highly relatable content.
  36. This was incredibly informative.
  37. Outstanding arguments, well done!
  38. So glad I stumbled upon this.
  39. I’ll be sharing this with my network.
  40. Truly enlightening, thank you.
  41. What a comprehensive guide!
  42. Love this message.
  43. You have a gift for writing.
  44. You should have more followers.
  45. Incredible piece, I’m in awe!
  46. Made my day!

Everyone, get your BINGO cards out


“Medium Comments Bingo” could be an actual card created for fun, containing squares filled with typical comments or phrases.

Medium folks can then “play” by looking out for these comments in the comment section and marking them off on their card as they see them.


Genuine engagement is the best way to support other writers

“I couldn’t agree more!” (of course, I fall into the generic comment trap at times because it’s so easy to just hit reply without adding further context info when you’re a busy reader and mom that’s nursing a baby) with Olga on this:

“For me, it makes sense. How many comments could you leave in a day? If they are insighful and you have limited time, a few. If you have plenty of time, more than a few. If you write comments like “nice story”, “good article”, “you rock,” hundreds. That’s what Medium wants to avoid. That’s what anyone who cares about writing here should want to avoid. Genuine engagement is the best way to support other writers. It’s a reward for their dedication and hard work.” Olga Sentrec

Medium is a relational platform.

So it’s crucial that we engage with each other on this social blog.

Feedback loops are important for us to improve our work or learn from others.

Don’t be afraid to leave a meaningful comment, clap, or highlight a sentence, new writer!

What do you think about Medium’s (engagement) rate limitations and generic responses? Is there anything you’d like to add to my list or do you have any questions?

*P.S. I asked a spokesperson from Medium for an interview. If this person says “YES”, I’m happy to ask him your questions and get them answered in a YouTube video and Medium story. So feel free and don’t be afraid to share your questions in the comments. Even if I’ll only earn a few cents for this story, it’s okay because I’d love to hear from you!***

Kristina God is a journalist turned marketer and part-time online writer. She’s a top writer on Medium and loves to keep you up to date on all things Medium.

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