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Ko-Fi — How Much I Made In A Year

  • 1 min read

From zero to $$$.

At the beginning of 2022, I embarked on the Ko-fi tipping journey.

Key facts about Ko-Fi:

Then, in July 2022, Medium introduced its new tipping feature.

Back then, I had received 19 Ko-fis for $5 each.

This was $95.

How much did I make after Medium launched its new tipping feature

Because of the German tax system, I raised my coffee price from 5 to 10 dollars.

Fast forward to today, my tip jar is filled with $260.

I think it’s an amazing tool.

Especially for people from non-Stripe countries such as India, Pakistan, or other countries that are not eligible. They can set up a Ko-fi shop within seconds and earn money.

It’s wonderful to show and be shown appreciation, support, and gratefulness.

Here’s how to activate the upgrade:

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