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Kristina God’s Next And Last Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp In 2022

  • 1 min read

You don’t want to miss out on this last chance.

Within the last past weeks, a lot of writers reached out to me asking:

Could you please let me know if you go forward with your Boot Camp?

Today, I proudly announce:

YES! One last time.

It’s all about incremental steps and slow growth.

I’m a marketer, a mom, and a wife.

Within 16 months, I’ve grown my part-time online business from zero to around $3K per month.

Medium has become my home and the foundation of everything I do.

  • One last time this year, I offer to teach you *literally* everything I know about this platform.

I truly want to help you grow on Medium and spark a shift in your own life.

The doors are open for an exclusive group of 15 writers.

6 spots are left.

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