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Kristina God’s Weekly Newsletter Guarantees to Motivate You Like Crazy

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Got questions? Get them answered!

Did you know that I have a weekly advice column?


Now’s the time to sign up for my Substack newsletter.


Daily, people thank me for inspiration and motivation boost.

My newsletter’s motivation and inspiration x10 because my weekly Substack Chat, you can ask anything.

Every week I cover another aspect of writing and creating online.

I have zero doubts that with the valuable information, you’ll get from my newsletter…

You’ll have the clarity, purpose, and motivation you need to FINALLY make your biggest dreams, goals, and resolutions manifest into reality this year!

And I couldn’t be more excited to hear about your progress — as many of my subs do!



  • 2,000 subs
  • Weekly personal Substack Chat
  • I reply to every comment
  • You can email and ask me questions
  • I often recommend, link to my subs and their newsletters

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