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Last Call To Get A Sponsorship For Kristina God’s Writing Boot Camp

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The deadline is today, Friday 21st of January 2022, at 21:00 GMT.

Hi friends and followers,

I’m so grateful.

Within 7 days, 15 Writers have purchased my cohort-based writing course.

On this Tuesday, I already had to close the doors of Cohort 2.

Inside Boot Camp 2 there will be:

Here’s good news

One person still has the opportunity to win a hot seat in my course.

Last weekend, Robert Ralph, owner of New Writers Welcome decided to “sponsor” one lucky winner to attend my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp in February 2022.

we will foot the bill; yes, we will pay for your course at no cost to you. Robert Ralph

Deadline Date: The deadline is TODAY (!), Friday 21st of January 2022 at 21:00 GMT.

So, hurry up and hit publish.

I like pressing buttons

Yes, just do it!

You’ve got to get sponsored🔥 Here’s how!

To enter, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow New Writers Welcome
  2. Follow The ShortForm
  3. Write an article in 150 words or less, telling me WHY you would like to attend my course.
  4. Tag five writers you respect and who may be interested in the course themselves; please also tag me and Robert Ralph ( How to tag? Enter @ and the name of the writer, for instance @kristinagod )
  5. Submit your draft article to New Writers Welcome with the heading “Kickstarter Boot Camp.” (How to submit? Become a writer for NWW; submit an article; Please don’t send me emails ;))

Dang, I wanted to take part

If you say

Dang, I wanted to take part.

Here’s the good news:

You can be the first one to get notified once I launch my next Cohort, share product updates, make launch announcements, and more.

Sign up for my email list here and stay up to date. 😀👇

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