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Learn How Substack Works With Kristina God

  • 1 min read

Join my new series and create your own Substack newsletter with ease

Ever wondered how to get started on Substack?

I’ve got you covered.

In my new “How to start writing on Substack series” I show you everything you need to know about starting your own newsletter on Substack and winning new subscribers.

I went from ground zero to 1,000 subscribers in 5 months — without asking my family or friends to join the list.

  • 55% of my growth comes from Substack’s discovery tools.
  • 5% from my Medium following on Substack. So there’s no excuse to not get started!

Here’s what I’ve covered so far:

  • How to create a Substack account
  • How to create a Substack publication
  • Know the job-to-be-done when starting your Substack
  • Substack’s awesome new features to enageg with others
  • How to add a Substack sign-up form to your WordPress blog

Based on the questions you ask me, I create my stories here and my tutorials on YouTube:

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