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Less Than 1% Of Your Followers See Your Articles In Their Feeds

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True or false? 7 tips to increase your views and reads.

I cherish YouTube.

The algorithm is continually improving.

Around 25K people follow my husband, and he has incredible views!

screenshot Patrick God

He built his YouTube empire in less than a year.

In fact, the more subscribers you have, the more people will see your content in their feeds.

Once you’ve gained momentum and post regularly, YouTube’s algorithm will reward you.

How does Medium fare?

Medium’s algorithm sucks

Let a Medium superstar speak who has six years’ worth of publishing history on this platform, Tom Kuegler.

At the beginning of this year, he announced he will leave Medium at the end of 2022.

This is really sad. To understand his reasoning, he shared:

Perhaps the biggest issue I’ve had with Medium is the fact that their algorithm just flat out sucks.

I have 50K+ followers here and 1% of my followers see my content.

I couldn’t agree more.

My followers don’t see the articles I publish

Within the last past months, both my fans and students have complained to me about not seeing my stories in their feeds.

In June 2022, Top Writer Tom reached out to one of Medium’s web developers called Trevor:

source: Twitter;

Trevor replied:

source: Twitter;

Did the new “true follow feed” make it any better?

So, yes, apparently it’s true.

Medium’s algorithm only lets around 1% of our followers see our stories.

On YouTube, for instance, it’s different:

The YouTube algorithm selects videos for viewers with two goals in mind: finding the right video for each viewer, and enticing them to keep watching. Hootsuite

But we want to talk about Medium’s feed which a lot of people are annoyed about right now.

Medium removed the just published faces “entity bar”.

Its purpose was to show you people you follow who just recently published a new story. Then you could click on the face and read the latest story.

What were the benefits?

  1. It showed us who published just recently.
  2. It allowed us to easily find who we felt like reading at the moment.
  3. It was a quick way to go back to recent articles by our favorite writers.

Here’s an example:

Here’s the new “true follow feed”

new follow feed on Medium

Why did they do this?

95% of the people who could use it, didn’t. Tony Stubblebine

Is the “true follow feed any better?

I tell it like it is.

No, it’s not!

The new “true follow feed” is totally busted and annoys me every day.

I miss seeing favorite writers’ faces and publications.

It’s not working as it’s supposed to.

  • It shows OLDER posts from writers you follow.
  • It shows stories from people you DON’T follow.
  • It does not show the LATEST posts.
  • It shows your OWN stories.

I guess now less (!) than 1% see my stories in their feed.

People now sent me emails like this:

They thought I quit writing on Medium because they don’t see my stories anymore in their feeds.

Additionally, people share that their views are down:

Reuben Salsa Twitter

What you can do when less than 1% of your followers see your stories?

1% of my followers is around 64 people.

Now I expect that less than these 64 people will see my stories in their feed.

*A big thank you to every one of you who clicked my story and read it!*

I guess most of you, read one of my previous stories on #Writing, so Medium’s algorithm thought this #Writing story might be interesting for you as well.

Here are my tips to get the most out of the new “true follow feed” which shows our stories to less than 1%:

7 Tips What You Can Do Now

#1 Email subscribers are gold

Email subscribers are your asset!

Every subscriber gets your stories in his or her inbox once you published a new story. So at least these people will see your story.

Plus, you don’t own your followers. When Medium would shut its door from one moment to the next or would get hacked, you’ll lose all of your followers — except your subscribers.

So promote your email subscription wherever you can OR start your own newsletter in Substack OR use newsletter services MailChimp, ConvertKit.

Here are my best tips to grow your subscribers:

#2 Tag correctly and become a Top Writer

Tagging is so important.

Unfortunately, most writers don’t use tags properly.

Make sure to add 5 tags to your stories.

  • At least 1–3 tags that are eligible for Top Writer status and
  • 4–5 specific ones

The benefit: You can become a Top Writer on Medium in a specific category. Medium’s algorithm will favor your stories then.

Here’s the list of Top Writer tags to use in 2022 and become a Top Writer:

# 3 Promote your stories outside of Medium

You can’t be on all social media platforms BUT you can easily tweet your story on Twitter.

Simply connect your Twitter account to Medium.

You could do the same with Facebook or LinkedIn.

# 4 Use Facebook groups to share your stories

For instance, J.J. Pryor from Feedium (where I published this story) offers a Facebook group where you can share your content with other writers.

The same goes for Robert Ralph and New Writers Welcome.

Both Facebook groups have around 1K community members.

# 5 Go with Trending Topics

Every week Medium shares what’s trending.

Every week Medium shares what the editorial team reads.

Make use of this and go with the flow.

This can help you be seen more on Medium.

#6 Get published in bigger publications

There are 10 Top Publications on Medium.

All of them get millions of views per month, such as Better Humans.

screenshot taken from article by Linda Carol

Take advantage of the views and their following!

Tip 1: Click here to get a list of the Top 10 Publications.

Tip 2: Learn how to get published with my How To.

#7 Open your own publication

Build your own publication around a specific (niche) topic you love writing about.

Build a following around this pub!

It feels soooo good because you can publish whenever you want and what you want. Plus, you can schedule your posts.

Additionally, you can grow an email list, and send out a publications newsletter and people who read your stories will also be recommended other stories from this specific publication.

Learn how to open your own pub and start self-publishing here:

Oh, and make sure to follow my pub to increase the chances of seeing my stories in your feed, by going here.

*A big thank you to every one of you who clicked my story and read it!*

I’m curious. When you’re a follower and you’ve seen my story in your feed, please reply!

© Kristina God

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