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Less Than 100 Followers? Then Do These 4 Things Right Now

  • 2 min read

and boost your success

If you need direction in order to reach your first 100 followers, here are your next 4 steps:

#1 Dare to write short form posts

Rather than writing 30 long form articles with 3 to 5 mins read, start writing short form posts — for instance for my favorite pub ‘The Shortform’ by Tom Fenske.

#2 Experiment with headlines

It all comes down to the headline. There are 3 simple W-questions for catchy headlines:

– 👉WHAT is your story about?

– 👉WHO is it for?

– 👉WHY should I read your story?

#3 Spice up your formatting

Make your story easy for readers to skim.

Smart and easy ways to spice up your formatting are adding pictures, subheadlines, bullet points, roman numerals, and links.

Voilà! People can scan your text now.

#4 Follow me

Become my subscriber and learn more about Medium.

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