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LinkedIn Is For Going Viral

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50K views in under 2 hours

LinkedIn has changed.

It’s not just for shining resumes, networking, and finding a better-paid job anymore.

Now LinkedIn is for showing your personality, your voice, and for going viral.

My friends Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi, Patricia Rosa, and Terry Mansfield use LinkedIn to amplify their reach.

LikedIn has become part of their toolkit.

There’s a synergy between Medium and LinkedIn.

  • 👍You can write a post on Medium ➡️ Republish it on LinkedIn or make a status update

It also works the other way round:

  • 👍Experiment with LinkedIn posts ➡️ Write a Medium post about it

Have you ever reached 50K views in under 2 hours on any social media platform?

Well, Nikarikaa went viral with two posts:

My goal is to use LinkedIn in 2022.

➡️ For inspir-action here’s Niharikaa’s LinkedIn story:


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