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LOL! Zoom Fatigue Vs. Zoom Fun With Top Writer Kristina God

  • 2 min read

I have a warning for you…

The featured image shows some of my boot campers and me.

We meet on a weekly basis via Zoom and we have a lot of fun.🤣

Although Stanford researchers warn that video calls are likely to tire us out, here’s the proof it can be fun too.

I love the video chat platform Zoom.

It allows me to connect with people from around the world — from Alaska to Australia.

Zoom fatigue? Not with us!

  • Instead of dried eyes, we have wet eyes from laughter.🤣
  • Instead of showing a black screen, everybody has the camera on.🎥
  • Instead of feeling exhausted, we feel inspired.✨

For the last week of Boot Camp 2, I talked with Sally Prag from the UK.

With Alicia Domínguez from Spain.

With Charles Waters from Scotland.

🙏🏻Thank you all so much, guys! 🙏🏻

You are incredible.


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