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Long-Term Opportunities When Writing On Medium

  • 1 min read

Although we are used to instant gratification.

When blogging on Medium this instant gratification can be…

  • claps
  • comments
  • private notes
  • mentions

and of course… money.

However, it might take some time to earn more than $1 and scale it up to $10 and then $100.

So instead of focusing on dollars rolling in as the most important instant gratification, think about all the other opportunities that could come your way.

  • you can give back and share your knowledge
  • build a portfolio to attract freelance clients
  • build a reputation around a topic and sell an ebook
  • support your small business by linking to your blog or website

The holy grail, of course, would be to get a book deal!

The beauty of it is that it only takes consistency to set you off on the right path and opportunities are going to come!

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