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Make Extra Income With What You Already Know and Love

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You’ve everything it takes.

What I love about the internet is that you can reach thousands of people around the world.

Heck, I’m a non-native speaker from Germany and host a Medium Boot Camp, offer one-on-one coaching, write online and sell online courses.

And I want the same for you, dear reader.

When you know something… there are people out there who want to learn how to do the exact same things.

Here are some examples from Skillshare — which is called the ‘Netflix of the creative space’:

  • build confidence
  • fundamentals of photography
  • watercoloring
  • plants at home
  • art journaling for self-care
  • hand lettering

Skillshare is a great platform.

Consider it as an option to make an online course based on the things you already know + the content you’ve already created on Medium.

Follow me and learn more in this story:

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