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Making Every “Blah” Count When Writing Online

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Series: The art of short form writing

Kill the welcome mat, and dive into the story

Words without soul.

This is the tragedy of the blah-blah text when you start reading a story online.

The beginning of a story is crucial. It draws readers in.

However, it’s often saturated with what I call “blah-blah text” that tends to blur into the background.

It’s like the chatter at a bustling coffee shop

You know it’s there, but your ears (or in this case, your eyes) are searching for something more resonant, more personal.

And while I preach, “Kill the welcome mat, and dive into the story,” I too have been caught in the alluring web of the blah-blah.

But here’s the golden nugget:

when writing online, less is often more.

The real challenge?

Bringing warmth to our words while being concise.

Trimming the fat isn’t about neglecting the essence

It’s about amplifying it.

We must remember why we’re introducing a topic.

It’s our handshake, our first impression, our moment to tell our reader:

“This is what you’re diving into, and here’s why it matters.”

When done right, even a whisper can echo louder than a shout.

So let’s challenge ourselves to ensure every “blah” has purpose and resonance.

Because in the end, it’s not just about what our audience finds on a page, but how it makes them feel.

How do you feel about blah-blah text?

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