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Medium Allows Guest Posts for Their Blog Now

  • 1 min read

That’s an amazing opportunity for smart writers.

You might have seen the post “The Complete Guide to Poetry on Medium” already.

It got featured by Medium’s editors and shared in their newsletter.

How did this post get sooo much boost from Medium?


It was published as a guest post in “3 min.” Medium’s official blog.

Thomas Gaudex was the lucky writer who got featured.

In fact, poetry is one of the most popular topics on Medium. When you want to start reading wonderful poems on Medium, where to start?

Thomas curated a list called “The Complete Guide to Poetry on Medium”.

Medium liked this approach and therefore published his piece on its official blog.

But there’s more.

Apparently Medium wants to become the next Wikipedia and answer questions about a specific topic in form of curated lists.

Medium = next Wikipedia?

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