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Medium Beats Writing on Your Own Blog — Here’s Why

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Design, monetization, price, ease of use. Let’s compare Medium and WordPress.

Together with my husband, I once owned a WordPress blog in a little corner of the internet.

I blogged every day for a while.

From time to time somebody visited our site but… we were missing feedback, we wanted to know if what we were writing is having the intended impact.

Oh and we didn’t earn a single penny!

At Some Point, We Started Wondering Whether Blogging Was Worth It.

If you’re looking to build your online presence by publishing content, you may be also considering WordPress… or is the publishing platform Medium the better option?

While both are great tools for beginners, they serve different purposes and cater to different needs.

So in this post, I want to explore with you, new writer, why Medium is overall a better choice than WordPress.

We’ll be looking at key factors such as ease of use, design, monetization, and pricing.

Spoiler alert: for me, it’s not “either… or” it’s “and”.

I’m in the middle of creating my own website and repurposing my (best) Medium content while writing on Medium.

Ease of Use: Medium Takes the Crown

I love Medium’s user-friendly interface which makes it much easier to learn and use than WordPress.

Signing up for an account, customizing your homepage, and starting to write is straightforward and quick.

Medium’s content editor is basic yet efficient, allowing you to focus on writing rather than dealing with complex settings or coding.

In contrast, WordPress offers more features, but this can be overwhelming for beginners, resulting in a steeper learning curve.

Here’s an example:

Medium’s minimalistic editor allows for a smooth writing experience, enabling new writers to focus on their ideas and message instead of navigating a complex interface.

Design: Less is More with Medium

Medium offers a minimalist, clean design that keeps readers focused on the content itself.

While WordPress provides more design options and customizations, this can sometimes lead to clutter and distractions from the main message.

Medium’s uniform design ensures a consistent reading experience across all articles, enhancing its appeal as a content platform.

An example:

Articles on Medium are visually appealing and easy to read. The platform’s design places emphasis on the content — not flashy graphics or overwhelming layouts.

Monetization: A Simpler Path with Medium

Medium’s Partner Program (MPP) allows new writers to earn money based on reading time, referrals, and tips. This makes it a popular choice for new writers looking to monetize their content.

That’s why every day hundreds of new writers are joining this platform.

While WordPress offers more monetization options, building an audience and generating revenue takes much longer.

Medium’s existing built-in reader base and promotion of content to interested users streamline the process of earning money from your writing.

I always tell my students to envision Medium as a mall. People come here to “buy” your writing with their attention and reading time.

Here’s an example:

A new writer who publishes a popular article on Medium can start earning money right away.

Whereas it might take months or even years to achieve similar success on a self-hosted WordPress site.

Price: Medium is the More Affordable Option

Medium is free to use, with the option of purchasing a $5/month membership to get unlimited access.

In contrast, while WordPress itself is free, the costs of web hosting and domain registration can add up (I’ll write a detailed blog post about this in a few days). In addition, you might want to buy a theme for your site.

Medium’s affordability makes it an attractive choice for new writers looking to build an online presence without significant financial investment. Plus, you’re super flexible. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

Here’s an example:

A writer who opts for Medium can start creating content without worrying about web hosting fees or domain registration costs.

Why Medium is the Better Choice

Medium is a better choice for new writers looking for an easy-to-use, minimalist platform to share their content and earn money from writing.

Besides having the possibility to earn an extra income, new writers can…

  • grow their online presence
  • get feedback
  • can try new things
  • sell their courses
  • connect with the community

Let’s come back to the blog I once had.

Back then, our blog had a Domain Authority (DA) of 1.

This meant: Google didn’t care about us.

When you write on Medium Google cares!

Medium has a DA of 95 — this is on the level with mega brands such as Meta or Amazon.

Bottom Line

While WordPress offers more features and customization options, the learning curve, design complexity, and financial investment make it less appealing for content creators just starting out.

By choosing Medium, you can focus on what truly matters — your writing and your audience — without the added stress of managing a full-fledged website.

However, you can also write on Medium and republish your content on your blog — or the other way around, depending on your goal.

If you want your content to rank better on your website, publish your content on your WordPress blog and republish it on Medium. Then Google knows your website is the original source of information.

If this sounds too stressful, simply write on Medium and once you feel ready, start your own website and repurpose some Medium posts there to let Google know that you create fresh content.

Anything you’d like to add or questions?

P.S. Not a Medium member yet? Want to join and feel the excitement of going from zero to your own blog? Click here to become a member!

P.S.S. I’ll soon share on YouTube and my Substack newsletter how to create your own WordPress website when you’re a Medium writer.

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