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Medium Calculates Your Earnings With An Arcane Formula

  • 1 min read

and why it needs to be improved

Medium does allow writers to make money through the Medium Partner Program (MPP).

The Partner Program distributes funds from its subscription revenues.

So far, so good, but how does it work?

Medium calculates your earnings based on an arcane formula related to how much time paying (!) members spend reading each writer in relation to other writers in the program.

“Our partners are more in competition with each other. Each new author comes in and they’re splitting the same pie.” new CEO Tony Stubblebine said in an interview.

The current revenue share model means for every new writer that comes in (through our referral), there’s less money to go around!

In my opinion, the economics of Medium’s offering to writers needs to be improved!

How would you improve the arcane formula to make money on Medium?

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