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Medium Can Bring an Audience for Your Writing in An Instant

  • 2 min read

I was freaking out when I first discovered this wonderful phenomenon

The moment you take writing on Medium seriously is the moment you can gain an audience for your writing in an instant.

Back in 2021, I wanted to make a 30-Day Challenge in April.

I failed because of my Mother’s Block.

Finally, I managed to publish 24 articles becoming one of the Top 1,000 writers on Medium.

Moreover, I tripled my earnings, increased my views by 180%, and gained 200 new followers.

But that was just the beginning of my journey from zero to around 9.5K followers.

I didn’t have much of an audience when I first started out.

I didn’t know how many people would be interested in my stories.

So I didn’t expect much.

I was freaking out when I saw my follower count rising.

Building an audience online is supposed to take months or years online

Medium brought an audience for my writing in an instant.

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