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Medium Exists Because Of Its Writers

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Forget about the readers for a moment

Thoughtful writers get the readers-first approach.

It’s nothing new.

Tony wants us to add value to the lives of our readers, share helpful advice and first-hand experience, or, even better, share our knowledge as “subject matter experts”.

For some, it’s just: “bla bla bla” because it distracts us from the most important question:

“What’s in it for us writers?”

A lot of creators think Tony has been talking about its “readers” way too much in the last past few weeks.

What about the writers?

They are the heart and soul of this platform.

Medium exists because of us.

We want to…

  • get distributed to our followers,
  • get paid for external traffic,
  • earn more when we refer new members,
  • get paid better for reading time,
  • Medium to keep its paying members.

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