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Medium For Teams Is Here

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It’s for students, businesses, and NGOs

Medium is now offering group memberships for subscriptions.

This way the platform is catering to organizations such as businesses, nonprofits, and student groups.


Often companies ”want to offer Medium memberships as a professional development benefit or perk for their team”, Brittany Jezouit shared in her official statement.

This new service, called Medium for Teams (which reminded me of Microsoft Teams when I heard about it), provides onboarding and support to help teams make the most of their membership.


Medium memberships are beneficial for teams as they…

  • offer access to a community of experts
  • facilitate learning through interaction
  • provide intellectual wellness in a flexible, affordable manner.

Teams can explore a wide range of topics, engage with thought-provoking content, and invest in education that fits their needs.

What’s missing?

However, Medium hasn’t yet shared whether writers can recommend Medium Teams and how much it costs.

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