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Medium Gets Less Traffic From Twitter — Why It’s Still Smart To Use The Platform

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My views and impressions are down 70%. What you need to know and should do now.

In the past, I’ve always recommended sharing your Medium stories via Twitter.

Well, Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter definitely disrupted the platform — for the better or the worse, no one knows yet.

Fewer users = fewer potential readers and consumers of your content

However, what creators need to know is that Twitter is losing users.

The Guardian reported that by the end of 2024, more than 30M users will have left the platform.

Fewer advertisements = less money to pay creators

Although Elon Musk promised to pay writers and creators in 2023, creators should be careful with their expectations.

Twitter lost its 500 top advertisers.

Twitter’s daily revenue is down 40%.

This means less money in the pot to pay creators.

Less traffic = less attention

Twitter’s role as a traffic referral source to publishers’ sites such as Medium is down 12%!

When I analyzed the data from Similarweb (Pro version for business owners), I found out:

Medium’s visits are down 4%:

Medium’s views are down from 148M to 142M views:

When I checked the performance of my Twitter account I was shocked!

To be honest, I tweeted much less than last year but my visits, impressions, and mentions are down 70%.

Twitter Analytics Kristina God Dashboard

However, Twitter is still driving the most external social traffic to Medium:

Similarweb Pro

So it’s still a useful social media tool to amplify your message and promote your content.

Here’s how to use Twitter as a promotional tool:

1 — Tweet your Medium story

Click on the Twitter icon at the top of your story and simply share your story on Twitter (Twitter needs to be connected with Medium via Settings).

2– Tweet quotes from your Medium story

Select the sentence you want to share, click on the Twitter icon and tweet it.

3 — Create an engaging thread

As with every social media platform, Twitter loves when people stay on Twitter and don’t click on a link and leave the platform.

So instead of linking to Medium, why not take parts of your story and create an engaging thread?

People can engage with it and share it.

Additionally, I recommend using Twitter Analytics to track your growth!

How are you faring with Twitter at the moment?

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