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Medium Has Reduced The Payout For Content

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to pay for the referral program. True or false?

My feed is full of articles from writers claiming payments and views have decreased recently.

  • Payments have fallen off a cliff. Christie Adams — Writer
  • Before July 2021, my average article would get at 500–600 views with a high of 20,000 with a 43% reading rate. Since September, my absolute best view number is 350 with reads at 280. B Kean

One brave writer, DC Palter, set out to find out what’s true or not in regard to earnings over time.

screenshot of DC Palter’s graph 2020 vs. 2021

His findings:

(i)t looks unlikely that Medium has reduced the payout for content to pay for the referral program.

(…)the money we make from the referral program is truly a bonus on top of our regular content payment.

Still, there are further speculations in the comments.

What do you think?

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