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Medium Introduced a Curated List of Publications That Are Open for Submissions in 2023

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Did your publication make the cut? If not, there’s an awesome possibility to attract new writers and readers. With FAQ.

The biggest difference between Medium and other online writing platforms is its publications.

On Medium, there are about 13K publications.

Unfortunately, Medium doesn’t yet offer a list of its publications.

Apparently, in 2023 this will change.

Medium’s goal for 2023 is to preserve and reward good writing on Medium to make the readers and writers happy.

A few hours ago, Medium members received the Creator Newsletter with Publications accepting submissions in 2023:

In its newsletter, Medium spotlighted 79 publications accepting story submissions in 2023.

Besides Medium’s Top 10 publications, there are a lot of other interesting publications that made the cut:

Fellow writers such as Rodrigo S-C Debra Groves Harman, MEd Antonello Zanini Jillian Amatt – Artistic Voyages Carlos Garbiras David Perlmutter Henryk A. Kowalczyk Darshak Rana Megan Llorente or Ali Hall Robert Ralph and Marx D. are on the list.

What a great accomplishment and feeling to be seen by Medium’s editors! Congrats, guys!

Books, Photography, Personal Growth, Neurodiversity, Sexuality, Mindfulness, New Writers, Future of Science, Running… whatever you’re looking for, the list is long and colorful…

…but the browsable list is NOT structured (scrolling hell)!

There’s a better way to help Medium writers.

Besides a search tool (which I can’t implement since I’m not a Medium employee ^^) I recommend ONE curated list for ONE topic.

Read on to learn more!

Why isn’t my publication on the list?

It’s only 79 publications out of thousands in the Medium universe.

Chances are high that your publication didn’t make the cut.

But no worries Medium will add more and more publications to the list.

This is only the beginning of Medium’s efforts to help writers and readers navigate the Medium universe better.

The list is a work in progress.

So if your publication didn’t make the cut, simply reply to Medium’s email with a link to your submission guidelines or reply to the list as Rodrigo did:

Medium will add your publication over time!

Why is Medium providing a list after all those years?

Within the last past years, more and more small, medium-sized as well as big publications closed their doors.

Today, there are around 13K publications on Medium. In the past, it was more than 20K.

At the end of last year, Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine announced that Medium wants to spark an influx of new publications. No matter what size.


Medium wants to have more (niche) publications on the platform in order to create a healthy ecosystem.

Will Medium really pay editors or publication owners?


As I shared a few weeks ago, Medium will pay ALL publication owners and editors for their efforts.

I love that not only the big publications will get rewarded as in the past but also the smaller ones.

Will Medium give more power to publications?

“We want to elevate publications, and not just the big ones, as important curators”, Tony said and added, “The editors of the publications here know so much better than us what is an important read and why.”

Tony announced ALL publications will get boosting access.


Boosting will impact what their followers see and will feed up into a pool that Medium’s curators look at.

Medium wants publications in the role of tastemakers because it takes a subject matter expert to spot an important piece.

Then Medium’s curators are there mainly to keep the system honest.

What’s Medium’s vision for the future of publications?

Medium’s hope is to create a much healthier ecosystem with many publications not just a handful of large ones such as Start it up, Mind Cafe, Towards Data Science, and so on.

Their intent is to reduce the amount of very low-quality content that gets published on this platform by sending fewer page views to them.

Bottom Line

There’s never been a better time to start your own publication on Medium, accept writers and let them submit their stories.

For the first time in the history of Medium, you will get paid for your (pro bono) efforts!


!!Here’s my tutorial on how to create your own publication in minutes!!

If you’re already a publication owner you can go here to browse the full list and check whether your publication is on the list.

Your publication isn’t on the list and you can’t wait to be on a curated list?

BONUS: Be on my curated list!

As you might know, I’ve curated several lists in the past (Top 10 pubs, Top 10 writers, Top Writer tags, etc.)

I’d love to create a list for every popular tag (#Health, #Self Improvement, #Technology) so people know which publication to join if they want to write about a specific topic.


No scrolling hell! The more publications will get added, the more scrolling you’ll have to do without any search option!

Here’s how to get on the topic list:

What are you waiting for? Share your publication in the comments and get on the list!

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