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Medium Is a Megaphone For Ideas

  • 2 min read

Learn how to turn up the volume even more

I know from experience that it can be really overwhelming figuring out who to be online and what to write about to get where you want to go.

Most writers think they have to stick to a specific niche = category.

In the beginning, I also was wondering:

Is it writing, parenting, tech, creativity, or fashion?

My tip: Stop scratching your head about what exactly to write about consistently…

I consider myself multi-passionate. So I’m supper happy that Medium is a megaphone for ideas.

When it comes to writing online we are all chameleons

We are so many things all the time.

The colorful lizards are known as one of the few animals that can change skin color.

Their skin can show different colors and color patterns.

And we are so many things all the time. Not one specific color.

Medium rewards you when you write about different topics!

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