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Medium Is About To Reach 1 Million Paying Subscribers

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Here’s why it’s so important for an “old” brand such as Medium.

Within the last month, over 10K new paying members joined the Medium Partner Program (MPP).

Medium’s member base is growing steadily.

As a platform whose business model is based on a paywall and members pay for reading every article on Medium, that’s a success.

I listened to a podcast from TechCrunch with Tony Stubblebine where he mentioned that Medium is about to reach one million paying subscribers.

The last official number was 725,000…

and people were wondering if Medium was about to go down (after the pandemic) or was on the rise.

Last year, the platform celebrated its 10th birthday and as a marketer, I know it’s crucial to have a plan for how to evolve the brand. 10 years is “old”.

Medium is constantly changing its algorithm and Partner Program (for the better) trying to showcase the best human writing.

This way they’ll reach one million until summer 2024.

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