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Medium is Now on The Level of Mega Brands Such as Facebook or Amazon

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Your stories are more likely to get on page one on Google.

Medium is a well-known brand with millions of users.

It has about 725,000 paid Medium members.

As of November 2022, it’s one of the 377 most visited websites on the internet.

It has 145M views.

Medium has a significant (paying) built-in audience of readers who are actively browsing through the app or website to find new stories from undiscovered voices to read.

Additionally, it has a reputation and is known for its quality content.

Medium vs. a personal WordPress blog

I once had a personal blog and you may also have experienced this it’s really tough to get traffic on your page.

There’s a metric that you have to keep in mind when you start blogging. It’s the so-called Domain Authority (DA).

This is the search engine ranking score.

It predicts how likely it is that a website is ranked in search engine result pages.

If you start your own blog, your blog will always get a DA of one. Only one.

Medium as a well-established brand has a Domain Authority of 95.

MOZ Free Domain Authority Checker

This means it’s on the level of mega brands such as Facebook (96)…

MOZ Free Domain Authority Checker

or Amazon (96).

MOZ Free Domain Authority Checker

Competitors in the blogging ecosystem such as Newsbreak, Telfeed, Simily, or Vocal can’t compete with Medium in regard to their search engine ranking score.

When you write on Medium your stories are more likely to rank on page one than on any other blogging platform!

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