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Medium Is The Best Backlink You Can Get

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It’s on the level of mega brands such as Facebook or Amazon.

There’s a metric you have to keep in mind when you start blogging. It’s the so-called ‘Domain Authority’ (DA) — the ‘search engine ranking score.’ This metric determines the ranking strength of a website’s content. It ‘predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages.’

If you start a personal blog, it will always get a DA score of 1. This score will increase as your blog generates high-quality backlinks (links from domains with higher DAs than yours). It goes from 1 to 100. You can also compare your blog to competitive domains.

screenshot by author Kristina God

Medium has a very high DA. Its score is 95. This is on the level of mega brands such as Facebook or Amazon and higher than any personal blog.

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