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Medium Isn’t An Equal Place

  • 2 min read

But an equal footing is what I want others to have.

I interviewed Robin Wilding 💎.

Our interview will be published on my YouTube channel.

She said something that truly resonated with me:

“I want to help others navigate the system. (Medium) is not always an equal place”

An equal footing is also what I want others to have.

When sharing the latest news about Medium, tips and tricks, and interviews with other writers such as Zulie Rane or Sinem Guenel this happens because I want others to see some kind of “success”.

“Success” means different things to different people but you can increase the odds of seeing some kind of success here if you know how Medium works.

In the publishing industry, there are big and small books. There are indie publishers and bestsellers who have crazy book deals.

However, not all authors and books are equally successful at the same time.

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