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Medium Joins Mastodon — The Anti-Twitter

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Here’s all you need to know about microblogging, how to be on the early list of invites, and future Medium updates.

Mastodon —I bet, you’ve seen the name pop up again and again in the news.

Since Elon Musk completed his purchase of Twitter in autumn 2022, the microblogging platform Mastodon has been blowing up in popularity.

Mastodon just reached 9 million user accounts.


A few hours ago, Tony Stubblebine announced that Medium launched a Mastodon instance.

I already joined the waiting list and you should too.

My husband and tech expert Patrick God is already using Mastodon and we talked about the WHY behind Medium’s move to join the innovate platform.

So keep reading for all the juicy information that even non-techies like me and (probably) you understand and learn how to join Medium’s waitlist.

Spoiler: Medium isn’t allowing all Medium writers access to their new Mastodon community.

What makes Mastodon so appealing to Medium?

You need to know that Medium’s founder and former CEO, Ev Williams, also founded Twitter.

Ev’s former business partner and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (on the left)…

Jack Dorsey and Ev Williams (photo credit Business Insider)

…was fired by Elon Musk last year.

What’s so appealing to Ev and Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine is that Mastodon is the anti-Twitter.

It’s a decentralized (or federated) social media network.

The idea: anyone can run parts of this network.

It’s operated by different interdependent servers (hosted by different people from around the world and organized around specific themes, topics, or interests) which make up the bigger network.

The anti-Twitter has no king

The flux that Twitter is experiencing does highlight the key differences between Mastodon and Twitter.

On big, centralized social platforms such as Twitter (or Meta with Instagram and Facebook), there’s one king (tech giant Elon/Zuckerberg) who controls…

  • the relationship with your audience
  • how you make money
  • what you see in your feeds.

On Mastodon it’s different. There is no king.

Its users are the kings.

Additionally, there is no algorithm that boosts specific stories.

Readers have full control over what they want to read.

Ad-free network

On Twitter, I get distracted by ads all the time.

You have to buy a blue checkmark for $8 to see fewer apps.

Comparatively, on Mastodon (same as on Medium which is subscription-based) there are no ads.

It’s free, non-profit, and open source.

What can Medium do on Mastodon?

Medium’s site on Mastodon

Medium has already a handful of active users and 3K followers.

The company is for instance sharing curated lists, insights on the Mastodon launch, and trending stories.

The account wants to “boost smart information and ideas, and also to help find and recommend interesting accounts.”

Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine uses Mastodon as he used Twitter before.

He talks about what’s on his mind, shared photos from Christmas, is replying to other writers and spreads the word about specific topics.

What can Medium writers do on Mastodon?

A lot of the same things you can do on Twitter.

  • sharing and promoting your Medium stories
  • sharing quotes from Medium stories you just read
  • talking about what’s on your mind
  • contribute to conversations that pop up in your feed
  • read your feed of people you follow
  • you can send direct messages

Microblogging will be part of Medium’s future

What’s super exciting is that you can practice the art of microblogging, meaning writing up to 500 characters.

“To date, we’ve focused on article-length writing. It’s how our company got its name: as a home for medium-length writing on the internet,” Tony says.

“Today we are extending what we do into the short-form medium (lowercase m) with an instance on Mastodon,”

As you might know, I love microblogging. I love to write short form post and create shorts on TikTok and YouTube.

Mastodon offers a great opportunity for us to share our Medium stories with a broader audience and to connect with other Medium writers.

Is it another experiment?

“I don’t think of this as an experiment even,” Tony Stubblebine says of Mastodon on Bloomberg.

“We think Mastodon tipped over and that all authors need to be there.”

How to join the on Mastodon?

Medium on Mastodon is Short and sweet.

“(T)o help our authors, publications and readers find a home in the fediverse,” Stubblebine adds.

Medium’s goal for is “to be a valuable home base for many people.”

If you’re new to Mastodon:

Attention, writers and publication owners!

Medium isn’t yet allowing all Medium writers access to their new Mastodon community.

You can only join with an invite from Medium.

Tomorrow Medium will start inviting selected writers and publications.

You can join Medium’s early list of invites by going here.

I already applied to be part of the early group:

If you are already on Mastodon:

The “sign-up with Medium” option will come in the near future

To make it super easy to join Mastodon, Medium is working on an option to sign in via Medium.

Medium’s promise for

Tony Stubblebine promises…

  • a reliable infrastructure and moderation
  • a short domain name to make sharing your username easier
  • better onboarding for new users
  • an interesting local feed.

Sounds like a great add-on to Medium and a great community feature.

First reactions about Medium joining Mastodon

Judey Kalchik — “I’ve been considering Mastodon but didn’t want to jump in alone.

Rui Alves — “I’m thrilled about this bold move into the “fediverse.”

Wendi Gordon — “However, there are serious security issues, as explained in detail by cybersecurity experts…”

Henryk A. Kowalczyk — “I see it as ridiculous. Medium has everything it needs to communicate among Members.”

Kristina God — “Cool that you want to collaborate with a German company (I’m German).”

I’m curious. What do you think about Medium and Mastodon?

Looking for more juicy information. Online Writing 101 has ALL Medium news and insights you need to know.

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