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Medium Loves Indie Writers Although It Doesn’t Verify Books With An ASIN From Amazon Yet

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It only allows verifying authors with a book with an ISBN. What about ASIN?

To get the new blue checkmark for authors on Medium, you only have to have a book that has an ISBN.

ISBN = International Standard Book Number.

For some, this requirement seems to be odd in today’s Amazon-dominated world.

Most ebooks have only ASIN numbers.

ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number.

Many “indie authors” ONLY publish with Amazon.

Recognition means so much.

Buster Benson, Product Manager at Medium stated:

“We love indie authors! We’re building this feature as a starting point to begin to address the complicated topic of credibility and trust… it will continue to evolve based on feedback.”

He added:

“To start we have found ISBNs and some kind of contact details to confirm identity will allow us to learn a lot about how we can scale this process (we’re still quite a small team)”

How should Medium build verification for indie authors?


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