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Medium Now Has Its Own Community

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It’s about time.

To support its authors and their publications, Medium went from medium-sized content to short form content (500 characters or less).

Medium believes it’s worth operating in both spaces!

That’s why the company just launched, a Mastodon community.

A lot of writers were longing for a community feature on the platform itself.

Now Medium outsourced it and offers to build relationships outside of Medium.

As an additional perk to the Medium membership, Medium will open its Mastodon community to Medium writers and readers.


  • share your stories
  • discuss Medium content
  • find people and topics that match your interests

To make the onboarding process as easy as possible, Medium will create a “sign up with Medium” interface for joining Mastodon

Medium’s mission transcends the platform

Besides Medium’s CEO, Medium (and Twitter) founder Ev Williams also joined Mastodon.

“We think the mission of Medium (…) transcends Mediums,” Ev stated in 2022.

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