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Medium Now Offers You To Publish Your Memoirs

  • 2 min read

And I made an experiment with this new tool and practiced some Latin.

As Valentine’s gift Medium surprised us with a new About page.

We can now pimp our About page. Instead of 160 characters, we are now allowed to share our memoirs.

Yes, it’s true!

I made an experiment.

My Latin experiment

In high school I had Latin. I even have my major latinum.

I guess that’s why my English is so good ( — only joking😄. Latin didn’t really help me to learn this wonderful language.)

Let’s come back to Medium.

In the past, we were limited to 160 characters in our About.

Since Valentine’s Day, we can publish our momoirs.

The text field seems to be endless.

I used some Lorem Ipsum dummy text and… here’s the proof:

So in case, you want to share your memoirs or you have a lot to say, use this wonderful new Medium tool.😄

Learn more — with examples:


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